Ardunio users ?

A series of tutorial videos for those who wish to learn more.
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Ardunio users ?


Post by Chuffchuff »

Just wondering if there are any other lost souls following Rudy's tutorials ?

I having to stretch the little grey cells to get around some items. Just wondering if there is help here ? or some suggestion of some forums to ask on Model Rail Arduino matters.

Similarly to others waiting for a jab in the arm to lighten the year,

Happy New Year to all,

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Re: Ardunio users ?


Post by berkshirebugsy »

Hi ChuffChuff, I've just found your post about using Arduinos - posted back in 2020 and my answer is yes :)

I'm still in the R&D stage but have built a DCC controller using one and am using them to control/monitor servos and sensors.

But still very much work in progress :)
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Re: Ardunio users ?


Post by Viscount »


Yes, I use them. In buildings, wagons, locomotives, DC controls, signals and points controls. See YouTube @OOElectronics for more information!
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