GDPR/UK DPA 2018 Notice

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GDPR/UK DPA 2018 Notice


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Prior to Brexit, as GDPR, and now enshrined in UK Law as the Data Protection Act 2018, Companies and Public Organisations are required to maintain securely certain records that each forum member supplies when registering to use the forum.

All data is held securely and protected by unique passwords.

What personal information do we hold?
  • Your forum username.
  • Your registered email address.
  • Your IP address.
  • The date you joined the forum.
  • Your age, if provided.
  • Your location, if provided.
Unless required by UK Law, we will not release any information or details about any forum user to any third party, without firstly obtaining your written permission to do so. In fact it is most unlikely this would ever occur.

Who can access the data held? Only the forum Administrator(s) via password protected database account entry.

Any Questions or Requests should be directed by email to

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